Featured Director of Photography

michael Schmidt

I am a Telly Award Winning Director, Director of Photography, Digital Cinematographer and Producer. I have a passion for creating artful imagery and telling stories through the lens. Our world is an amazing instance in time and space, we owe it to ourselves to see it's beauty every day.

"Peace, Love & Sandy Feet"

Michael Schmidt

Recent projects
Crossover 1.0
Install - Programming
Product Demonstration Series

Laundrylux - Costa Rica 2016
Corporate Mini Docementary
Director - Dawn Nagle

Electrolux Brand Ambassadors Event - Corporate Mini Documentary
Director: Dawn Nagle

Columbia University
Giving Day - Point Studios
Director: Suzanne Paxton

The Gluten Free University - Web Series - MGSAV Director: Gary Henry

The Alley - TV Pitch Sizzle
High Heat Media
Director: Jay Zellman

Money - The Movie - Create Enetertainment

Director: Martin Rosette

Metro Lexus - TV Commercial
Donavan Green
Director/AD: Daniella Shrier-Kafshi

Rusk 2015 Throwback Collection - Corporate Sizzle
High Heat Media
Director: Jay Zellman

Tiffany & Company 2014 Holiday Documentary
Corporate Video Concepts
Director: Jay Zellman

Prestige Motors - Mercedez Benze - 5 TV Commercals
Donavan Green
Director: Michael Schmidt/Michael Donavan