Some Of Our Best Stories

"Prestige Motors - Mercedes Benz"
Television Commercial AdVertising Campaign .

Prestige Motors is one of the nations premier auto dealership companies. Known for providing it's luxury brand automobile clients in the tri-state region with exceptional service and a buying experience second to none. In July of 2012 Prestige Motors and their PR firm, Donavan-Green aka DGtwo, looked to MGSAV - through Sound Lounge Radio (who had been producing Prestige Motors radio spots for several years) for their 1st ever television commercial campaign. We consulted with the various creatives to bring DGtwo's very successful customer perspective radio ads into the realm of television. After a few script revisions we felt we had two solid concepts that would work well within the visual medium and we set the production schedule. After just a few weeks, we had the spots completed and they are currently running in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania on CBS during major sporting events, like, NFL games, Major Golf Tournaments etc. The spots also run on Cablevision Networks with premium placement.

"Discovery Channel's Curiosity Series - Brainwashed" - a 1 hour television episode for Atlas Media.

(Los Angeles, Calif.) - Are we truly in command of our own minds? Can a word or gesture turn us into puppets for others to control? To find out, a team of leading experts and researchers will attempt to pull off an experiment that some say should have never been conducted: to see if ordinary, law-abiding citizens can be brainwashed to take action beyond their control and turned into assassins. "Brainwashed," airing Sunday, Oct. 28 at 9 PM E/P on Discovery Channel's CURIOSITY series, follows a group of individuals who agree to participate in a televised study about hypnosis. However, what they don't know is that over the next few days, each will be asked to complete a series of increasingly demanding tasks, designed to whittle down the most susceptible to hypnosis and commanded to kill. For this episode of the "Discovery Channel - Curiosity Series" Our EVP - Michael Schmidt was brought on as the Digital Imaging Technician or D.I.T. In his role he provided graphic design of images used as props within the show as well as media management of all of the episodes digital files from over 30 cameras of various formats including Hi-Def broadcast, infrared, and a host of specialty cameras utilized in the production. Michael also managed the files of as many as 10 audio feeds per shoot day for this group breaking television event.

"Unisured and On the Edge" - a feature documentary and passion project of several patients and doctors living in The Hampton's on Long Island.

In this feature documentary we took a deep look into the lives of middle class health care professionals, doctors and patients who's lives and livelyhood's are being challenged more and more every year by the Health Insurance Industries ever decreasing coverage options for year round local residence of one of the most wealthy parts of the country.



Did You Know?

Video Production Rates have decreased by over 50% from where they were 10 years ago.

Technology has become so readily available to the business world and capability advances in visual production and post production have been some of the most significant. What would have cost over $250,000 to produce just 10 years ago can now be done for a fraction of the cost simply because of the ever lower costs of camera's, computer capabilities and speeds and the rock bottom pricing for media storage. This means that the quality of video production now available to the mid sized corporation and local "Mom and Pop's" rivals that of what was previously only available to some of the biggest international business and brands. And, since more of the budget can now be allocated to talent and creatives, the level of design esthetic has increased exponentially. Take a look at our video samples and see some what we've done for our clients.