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We strive to provide individualised service to every client/project regardless of the size or scope of the work that we are contracted to perform. We always answer our own phones, reply to our clients emails personally and see each and every production through from inception and development through final mastering and distribution.

Lower Cost of Video Production

By leveraging the latest in technology and productivity methods, our pricing structure is aggressive and competetive, while keeping the highest standards of digital production intact.

Part 1 – Video Production Cost Drivers

Question: How much does it cost to produce a video?

Answer: It Depends!

When choosing a video production company, you will be quoted a range prices based on their understanding of the project. Be careful not to base your decision on the lowest price. Make sure you know what you are getting in that price. Insist on a breakdown of the budget items before signing a contract. This will make it easier to compare prices of different video production companies.

I once had to let a sales person go because he could not grasp the concept of no exact answer for pricing video production. His background was selling fixed price items and he found it extremely frustrating to tell customers a ballpark figure until all of the project details were understood by Xcelus and the prospective client. Quotes for video production are a consultative process to discover the details about the video project in order to give an exact price quote for the project.

This is a 3 part blog to share costs elements that every production company deals with to get you the quote for you corporate video project. Hopefully this will help you as you look for the best price and quality for your video project.

Part 1 – Video production cost drivers

Part 2 – Client questions to narrow the scope of the project

Part 3 – Types of video production to meet your budget

There are the ballpark figures that we often use to start the project discovery process are the following:

  • $3,000 -$6,000 per minute of production
  • $5,000 – $20,000 up to 3 minutes of video
  • $8,000 for a basic 60 – 90 second motion graphic video with voice over
  • $18,000 for a 2 actor three minute spot

There are too many variables to give an exact quote on the spot. Do we end up at these prices? Usually not. As the project scope gets defined and budgets are revealed, all parties move to a certian point of agreement. Project A at $x,xxx.xx dollars. Sometimes the client gives in on production requirements and the producution company gives a little on price or hours to complete the project.

Lets take a look at ten basic cost drivers for video production that Xcelus Studios factors into every project quote:

1. Project Management

2. Script Development

3. Talent

  • On-screen Actor(s)
  • Voice over artist
  • Union or non-Union
  • Extras
  • Customers (Release form required)

4. Video Assets

  • Images needed
    • Stock photos (Royalty free)
    • Licensed photos
    • Custom photography
  • Video
    • Stock video (Royalty free)
    • Licensed video
  • Illustrations/3d elements
    • Create
    • Purchase 3D models

5. Special Effects/Animations

6. Location

  • Studio rental
  • Fees and permits
  • Local or travel
  • Building rental

7. Music

  • Stock music (Royalty free)
  • Custom score

8. Crew

  • DP Director of Photography
  • Camera operator(s)
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Grip

9. Rendering and compression time

10. Overhead

  • Equipment (Cameras, Lights, Sound, Studio, Computers, Software)
  • Insurance (Liability and Workers Compensation)
  • Rent

You can see that there are can be a number of cost elements to developing high quality video. However, not every video project requires all of the cost elements described. We have produced several $5,000 – $8,000 videos without leaving our building using voice over, stock photos, stock music and motion graphics.

As you go through the video project discover process, keep in mind all of the elements and producing a video. Knowing these costs will help in the negotiation process to get the video project you want at a reasonable cost.

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